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AW&D can supply and install commercial window and door systems that offer streamlined and efficient solutions to commercial construction projects and high-end residential market.

Architects and their clients are constantly exploring new ways to express themselves and interact with their surroundings. In answer to this need, we offer an innovative selection of cutting-edge commercial glazing systems from the AWS Elevate range that raise the bar and inspire great outcomes. Our experienced team are focused on our clients needs for high quality and cost effective project solutions.


AW&D supply and install a comprehensive range of residential aluminium window and door systems from the AWS Vantage range, designed for Australian conditions. The Vantage systems are designed to deliver superior performance for the varied climates and environments around the country. Vantage delivers high performance window systems that offer enormous flexibility in design.

Windows & Doors are an important component of a buildings ability to withstand bushfire attacks. In response to devastating bushfires in Victoria in 2009, Australian Standard 3959 was updated and republished AS3959:2009. This standard was referenced by the Building Code in May 2010.

Vantage residential window systems offer high water resistance and low air infiltration, conform to all relevant Australian Standards and have been fully tested and WERS rated.


AW&D Louvre windows allow you the greatest air flow of any window when fully open. The air flow is able to be varied by changing the pitch of the louvres, or in large openings, by closing some blades and leaving others open. Consider this product for breezeways or to allow natural cooling air flow through your home.

Frameless Shower Screens

AW&D can fabricate frameless shower screens, in virtually any configuration to suit your specific requirements. Our use of high quality fittings ensure our finished product is second to none. Our service includes design advice, fabrication and full installation.


Glass splashbacks are suitable for a wide range of applications thanks to the durability of the product. With an easy-to-clean surface, infinite colour options and sleek design, glass splashbacks are perfect for interior uses including kitchen, under bench tops, laundry surfaces, showers and wet areas in the bathroom.

Aluminium Supplies

AW&D can supply a large range of geometric shapes such as angles, channels, flat bars and tee sections to suit many applications. AW&D can also supply a large range of rolled products including flat sheet, tread plate, propeller plate and coil products.

Glass & Mirror

AW&D range of residential and commercial glass includes: double glazing, laminated, energy-efficient, safety, security, even self-cleaning glass, bushfire resistant, storm resistant and low reflectivity glass. All of our glass products can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. AW&D can supply and install a range of mirror products that offers designers the ability to create emotive spaces using light and reflection with clear, tinted, safety and satin mirrors.


AW&D can supply an array of sheet sizes, thicknesses and finishes including Clear, Opal, Colours, Mirror and surface textures of Matt and Satin. AW&D are able to cut shape to fit your desired application.